Royal Ark Mariner Lodges in the Province

Number Name Date Meets at Meeting Dates
241 Watford 1934 Watford 3rd Friday Dec, Apr, Oct
354 Rose & Lily 1986 Great Queen Street 2nd Sat May, Sept
355 Royal Savoy 2015
366 Hertford 1948 Hertingfordbury 1st Mon Oct, 2nd Mon Feb, Oct
367 Gladsmuir 1894 The Cloisters Letchworth 3rd Sat April, 4th Sat Aug, 4th Sat Nov
428 Broxbourne 1920 Watford 2nd Fri Mar, 3rd Sat May, 1st Sat Oct
556 James Terry 1929 Cheshunt 2nd Tue May, 1st Tue Mar, Oct
636 Debenham 1924 St. Albans 1st Thu May, Feb, Apr
683 East Hertfordshire 1926 Radlett 4th Mon Jun, Apr, Sep
872 Digswell 1961 Hertingfordbury 3rd Wed Mar, Jun, Oct
909 Lea Valley 1982 Cheshunt 4th Tue Nov, 3rd Tue Mar, 4th Tue Jun
920 Ravenscroft 1980 Cheshunt 1st Mon Jul, 3rd Mon Feb, Nov
926 William Hamilton Underhill 1933 Letchworth 2nd Mon Mar, 3rd Mon Sep, Nov
962 Latimer 1944 St. Albans 2nd Thu Jun, 4th Wed Jan, 4th Fri Apr
974 James Parsons 1943 Watford 2nd Wed Feb, May, Nov
991 Eleanor Cross 1947 Cheshunt 4th Sat Jan, 3rd Wed May, Oct
1047 Cheshunt 1957 Cheshunt 1st Thu Nov, 3rd Thu Mar, 4th Thu Jun
1109 King Harold 1952 Cheshunt 1st Sat Oct, 3rd Sat Dec
1114 Sprig of Acacia 1952 Radlett 4th Sat Jun, 4th Sat Feb, 2nd Sat Nov
1121 Hertfordshire Installed Commanders 1991 St. Albans 2nd Wed Jan, 1st Tue Jul
1172 Berkhampstead 1958 St. Albans 2nd Wed Oct, 3rd Thu Feb, 4th Wed May
1236 Bishop’s Stortford 1989 Bishop’s Stortford 3rd Wed Sep, 4th Wed Apr, 1st Wed Jul
1254 Harpenden 1974 St. Albans 3rd Tue Oct, 1st Wed Mar, May
1291 Hemel Hempstead 1976 St. Albans 2nd Wed Feb, 2nd Thu Apr, Jul
1315 Elstree & Radlett 1976 Radlett 1st Fri Nov, 2nd Fri Mar, 1st Fri May
1358 Joseph Moffet 1974 St. Albans 4th Fri Sep, Mar, 3rd Fri May
1404 Stevenage 1977 Letchworth 3rd Tue May, 4th Tue Jan, Oct
1489 Halsey 1980 Royston 4th Wed Oct, 4th Thu Apr
1505 Chevalier 1982 Rickmansworth Last Wed Mar, 1st Thu Feb, 3rd Thu Dec
1529 Ayot 1989 St. Albans 2nd Wed May, 2nd Mon Mar, Nov
1529 Ayot 1989 St. Albans 2nd Wed May, 2nd Mon Mar, Nov
1686 Adastral & King Harold
1809 Stanstead Abbotts 2008 Sawbridgworth TBA