Well attended PGMs LOI

Despite a wet and windy evening seven hardy Mark Men met at Halsey Hall Watford to attend the PGMs LOI on Thursday 24th November. We were delighted to have the PGDC with us as we set about a full rehearsal of the Mark ceremony of Advancement. 

In anticipation of a meeting coming up soon , we then swithed our attention to the RAM for the benefit of one Brother who is about to play a major and vital role in a forthcoming Elevation meeting, and we were pleased to see the fruits of his labours as he performed his part expertly. Rehearsal certainly pays off. 

Brethern, there will be no PGMs LOI at Watford in December, but we will resume on January 29th 2023. I do hope you and your families have a great Christmas and a happy new year, where we can all continue to enjoy our Masonry 

Richard Harvey – Preceptor PGMs LOI, Watford