W.Bro Dennis Brown

Among the masonic Provinces, Hertfordshire currently ranks about 12th in its fund raising efforts for this important charity. Your support has been fantastic but can we do more??. The pens with the light at the end are selling well – they now cost £3 each – and the drip mats are another excellent way of promoting this charity. Supplies of these can be obtained from Dennis Brown the Assistant Prov Charity Steward (email: watfordian@ntlworld.com). Special thanks go to W Bros Noel McLachlan and Paul Oxtoby for their efforts in promoting the charity.

Dennis reports that he and Tony Smith (the Prov. Charity Steward) are working up some fresh merchandising ideas which they hope to promote with Lodge Charity Stewards when they get to meet them in the coming weeks. Meanwhile if any Brother has any fund raising ideas, do

Please get in touch with Tony or Dennis so that they may spread knowledge of good ideas as widely as possible.

Friends of the Lodge scheme

May we remind all Mark Masons in Hertfordshire of the Friends of the Lodge scheme which has been running successfully for some time. We realise that those keenest and most dedicated to Freemasonry are not necessarily those who are best well off financially. The Friends scheme enables Mark Masons who are in good standing with their mother Lodge to be placed on the mailing lists for other Lodges without the need to pay another subscription to Mark Grand Lodge or Provincial Grand Lodge. For more information about the scheme contact your Lodge Secretary.