Silver Token of Merit

The Provincial Grand Master’s Silver Token of Merit is awarded each year at the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge, normally to two brethren, who have given active and practical support beyond the requirements of their offices to the Mark Degree in general and the Province of Hertfordshire in particular, over many years. It consists of a certificate and a solid silver lapel badge.

Recipients of the R W Provincial Grand Master’s Silver Token of Merit

2019C J BrettChevalier1505
2018D I WatsonHertford366
D W BrownJames Parsons974
2017G P CutlerAyot1529
2016A J DyerThe Cloisters872
2015M FreemanRavenscroft920
J W ReeveBerkhampstead1172
2014B W CutlerBishops Stortford1236
S. G. UmneyThe Cloisters Lodge872
2013D. CopeHemel Hempstead Lodge1291
M. R. SteggallHertford Lodge366
J. H. DyeAdastral Lodge920
2012M. BrodyRavenscroft Lodge920
2011C A AgerRosewalk1585
S M SamuelsJustice & Liberty1593
2010G E GrahamRavenscroft920
J A PageSprig of Acacia1114
2009W L CheshireBroxbourne428
J V BluettJustice & Liberty1593
2008G J AscottLatimer962
P CottamRose & Lily354
2007H V BeckHarpenden1254
D R RussellJoseph Moffett1358
2006M G CaseyDigswell872
A T HopwoodStanstead Abbotts1809
2005M LilleyBishop’s Stortford1235
K DunnageHertford366
2004H EngelsmanJustice & Liberty1593
A H EmmersonHemel Hempstead1291
C A BooreKing Harold1109
2003K R RodenBerkhamstead1172
J R NickersonCheshunt1047
2002W E CokayneJames Parsons974
C R NunnyKing Harold1109
2001A W AllenJustice & Liberty1593
2000A E HuttlyDebenham636
2000H L FrowdeGladsmuir367
1999G T StaffordCheshunt1047
R W KnowlerDebenham636
D G CheesemanSprig of Acacia1114
1998R B BoyleDebenham636
L A FrostSt Albans1108
1997J C HendeyHemel Hempstead1291
R N G WarburtonJames Parsons974
1996R G FidlerCheshunt1047
R M GodmanWatford241
1995A G JarvisBroxbourne428
W G E RandKing Harold1109
L S MellowsEast Hertfordshire683
1994G W CraneHertford366
R J ParrySt Albans1108
1992A J ClavierLatimer962
D W LaverChevalier1505
1991P S GillLea Valley909
1990G J A MasonLatimer962