Provincial Grand Master’s Christmas Message

Brethren of the Mark Province of Hertfordshire, family members and friends.

Preparations for the Holiday season are in full flight, meetings at our Masonic centres are winding down, and we can take the opportunity to review a year that seems to have passed more quickly than ever.

It has been an eventful year for the world, as well as for our Province; we have exchanged the restrictions and uncertainties of last year for the threat of global conflict and a spiralling cost of living, in the midst of which we bade farewell to a Sovereign whom many of us have known in that position for our whole lives.

It is now five months since I was installed as Provincial Grand Master, and (as I write this) around thirty-five degrees colder. As we move into 2023, I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at meetings of our Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges across the Province. I hope that we can increasingly feel more confident and happy about returning to regular meetings, and sharing the fraternity and fellowship of these friendly degrees with our Brethren.

In this edition of Mark In Time, as well as an entertaining selection of news items and reports, we are sharing a link to a new video which has been produced by Mark Grand Lodge, entitled ‘The Magic of the Mark’. This illuminating and instructive piece is an excellent introduction to the Mark Degree, putting it into context as part of the Solomonic story which we begin to discover as we progress through the Three Degrees of pure antient Freemasonry (including the Holy Royal Arch). I do recommend that you watch the video, and perhaps share it with those who might ask you about Mark Masonry.

Those of you who are members of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire will be aware that the Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro Neil Connolly has asked Lodges to consider contributing to an appeal on behalf of a number of Food Banks across the county, to help those in our communities who need our assistance, at this time more than ever. Let us remember that there are families across Hertfordshire and beyond who will be struggling to heat their homes and feed their children this winter, and we can make a difference by supporting this endeavour, and our local charities.

Finally, let me wish you all a very happy Holiday, wherever and however you may be celebrating, and a peaceful and fulfilling year for 2023.