Latest Open Day Prince Michael of Kent Court

Prince Michael of Kent Court (known locally as PMKC) is one of the finest, if not the finest, Masonic care home in the country.   Situated in Stratford Road, Watford, it is housed in spacious grounds and staffed by qualified professionals and represents all that is best in residential care for aging Freemasons and their dependants.   The home is also supported by an active band of volunteers from various backgrounds  known as the Association of Friends of PMKC.    The Friends are active in fund raising for various improvement projects but more importantly doing anything and everything they can to help ensure that each resident is provided with facilities and opportunities to stimulate their interests and  enjoy their days.  But no words of mine could adequately express the work carried out by the volunteers who from time to time organise open days for masons and their families and members of the public to visit the home to see for themselves the facilities provided and to learn about the range of activities provided for the residents.

The latest Open Day was held at the home on Sunday 25th September.   Among the visitors were a group of Masonic bikers from Iceni Lodge.    Also visiting that day were W Bro David Horne and W Bro Dennis Brown who are both active Mark Masons in the Province of Hertfordshire pictured below either side of Doug Brodie, one of the Trustees, receiving a cheque on behalf of the Association of Friends.

The cheque had been gifted to  the  Association  by VW Bro Norwell Roberts, holder of the Queen’s Police Medal; a prominent Mark Mason and holder of Grand Rank in Craft. Chapter and various other degrees.    Norwell was London’s first black police officer who had attended a meeting of the James Parsons Lodge of Mark Master Masons earlier in the year to talk about his difficult experiences when he first joined the police service and the culture of racism which prevailed at that time. The Lodge organised the cheque for Norwell who generously declined to accept payment and asked that the monies be donated to PMKC.  For those who wish to know more about the Friends of PMKC, you can email Doug Brodie  at:

For those wishing to learn more about Norwell’s  life and career in the Metropolitan Police Service you can read about this in his recently published book titled “I am Norwell Roberts” obtainable from most booksellers (ISBN Number 978-1-399-80088-4)

Dennis Brown,
Assistant Charity Steward,
Mark Master Masons of Hertfordshire