Welcome to 1121 the Installed Mark Masters Lodge, W.Bro Ted Long being unable to attend because of a personal injury having fallen and injured his back. The PGM RWBro Richard Walker, was standing in on his behalf and a fine job was made of the ceremony R.W. Bro. H. Keith Emmerson, PDepGM was installed in the best tradition and he in turn went on to Invest R.W.Bro Richard Walker as S.W. and W.Bro Norwell Roberts QPM as JW. A full list of officers follows this article.
We then had a very informative talk given by Mr John McCombe, Chairman and Trustee of Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers (SERV) Herts and Beds. This is the Voluntary group of motor cycle couriers which operates a free delivery service on the `Blood Bikes`, carrying not only Blood from the Blood Bank in Colindale but also other vital supplies to all points in the County. they now in possession of new motorbikes supplied by the Mark Benevolent Fund these Bikes are the latest technology Yamaha 1300cc picture below. These bikes have the power and the riders have the road sense
to make the system work they do a grand job and Mark Masonry is proud to support them.

R.W.Bro. H. Keith Emmerson. PDepPGM Worshipful Master
V.W.Bro. Ted Long. PGJO Immediate Past Master
R.W.Bro. Richard Walker.PGM Senior Warden
W.Bro. Norwell Roberts. QPM.PGJD.ProvGAlm Junior Warden
W.Bro. Charlie Ager.PGJD Master Overseer
W.Bro. Brian Meager.PProvGJD Senior Oveseer
W.Bro. David Horne.ProvGCHStew Junior Overseer
V.W.Bro. Mo Freeman. PGJO Chaplain
W.Bro. Mark Saunders. PGJD.ProvGTreas Treasurer
W.B.Bro James Young. PGJD Registrar of Marks
V.W.Bro. Paul Ostwind. PGJO Secretary
W.Bro. David Wavell. PAGDC.ProvDepGDC Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro. Norwell Roberts .QPM.PGJD.PrGAlm Almoner
W.Bro.David Horne.Prov GChStewd Charity Steward
W.Bro. Chris Scott. PGStB ProvGSO Senior Deacon
W.Bro. John Wickes.PAGDC Junior Deacon
W.Bro. Ray Hoyte.PGStB Assistant DC
W.Bro. Graham Jelley.ProvDepGSec Assistant Secretary
W.Bro. John Bluett.PAGDC. ProvG-Org Organist
W.Bro. Rod Kent. PAGSwd. BGSwdB Inner Guard
W.Bro. Denis Gibney Steward
W.Bro. John Worley.PAGDC Steward
W.Bro. Geoff Cheshire.PAGDC Steward
W.Bro. Alastair Probert Steward
W.Bro. Dennis Cope.PProvGJW Tyler