Inscribed Mauls, Sceptres & Plinths ARCHIVE

Hertfordshire Mark & RAM ties

The Brethren collectively with their Lodges have long been recognised  in our ”Happy Hertfordshire” for their outstanding generosity and  commitment to charitable causes.

It has been custom and practice for the Province to recognise such outstanding giving by presenting each of those Lodges and its members who have collectively donated £1 000 to the Provincial Mark Benevolent Fund, a maul and inscribed plinth or in the case of a  Royal Ark Mariner Lodge an inscribed sceptre. This acknowledgement by  the Province also has a very practical purpose as these beautifully  inscribed items are used during our ceremonies. They serve as a constant reminder to the Brethren of the Lodge that they have given most  generously but also alert the discerning visitor to the continuing need  to support Charity and as a result we manage to help those who are less  fortunate than ourselves.

On the occasion of a presentation a senior member of  the Executive with a great deal of pleasure presents these Mauls and  Sceptres which are acclaimed by the Brethren with much pride. Thus far  and in only a short time because of the outstanding generosity of its  members, a total of 108 mauls and plinths and 15 sceptres have been  earned (some are still to be presented). This is a remarkable  achievement by the Brethren and as these presentations are so popular  they will be continuing for the foreseeable future. Below is an  up-to-date list of those Lodges that have so generously contributed to  the Provincial Charity and have acquired mauls and sceptres:

Maul with inscribed plinth to Mark lodges


Mauls earned
 Watford No 241 3
 Rose & Lily No 354 6
 Hertford No 366 3
 Gladsmuir No 367 1
 Broxbourne No 428 2
 James Terry No 556 2
 Debenham No 636 5
 East Hertfordshire No 683 6
 Digswell No 872 6
 Lea Valley No 909 3
 Ravenscroft No 920 3
 William Hamilton Underhill No 926 4
 Latimer No 962 3
 James Parsons No 974 3
 Eleanor Cross No 991 1
 Cheshunt No 1047 1
 King Harold No 1109 3
 Sprig of Acacia No 1114 2
 Hertfordshire Masters No 1121 2
 Berkhamstead No 1172 2
 Bishops Stortford No 1236 2
 Harpenden No 1254 5
 Hemel Hempstead No 1291 6
 Elstree & Radlett 1315 2
 Joseph Moffett 1358 1
 Stevenage No 1404 3
 Halsey No 1489 6
 Chevalier No 1505 6
 Ayot No 1529 2
 Rosewalk No 1585 2
 Justice and Liberty No 1593 5
 Adastral No 1686 3
 St Cecilia No 1701 3
 Scholars in Amity No 1710 4
 Stanstead Abbotts No 1809 4
 John Burr No 1824 3
 White Stone No 1832 1
 Provincial Stewards No 1880 1

Inscribed sceptres to Royal Ark Mariner Lodges


Sceptres earned

 William Hamilton Underhill No 926 2
 Eleanor Cross No 991 1
 King Harold No 1109 1
 Sprig of Acacia No 1114 1
 Hertfordshire Commanders No 1121 1
 Hemel Hempstead No 1291 1
 Elstree & Radlett No 1315 1
 Halsey No 1489 3
 Chevalier No 1505 3
 Justice and Liberty No 1593 1

The brethren have given an outstanding amount towards the Provincial  Charity and are to be commended most highly for their unstinting  generosity. Because of this generosity there will be some people, many  of whom we will never meet, who will be eternally grateful for this  generosity. There will also be some whom we have yet to reach despite  their continuing almost daily need for our help. Some are close to home  here in Hertfordshire which is why I am urging all the Lodges to  identify and support local charities.  The Province will consider matching the sum raised and boost the amount to be given to your ”local” cause.

Regular Payment Promises taken out by brethren within the Province, now total 894 which represents £122,418 before tax. Additionally cash  totalling £224,677 has been received by the Province from Members Lodges, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (in tax reclaimed) and Banks (in respect of interest earned, since the 1999 Festival. These figures are truly outstanding and show the Mark degree in Hertfordshire in a most enviable light and the brethren are all to be congratulated on their individual and collective charitable giving.

It only remains for me to thank all the Brethren for their efforts in this and previous years and to encourage them to keep up the excellent  work they are already doing for Charity in general and the Herts Mark  and R.A.M. Provincial Charity in particular.

Mark Well!

W Bro Steve Washington
Provincial Grand Charity Steward