Herts Mark 200 Club

The Province of Hertfordshire Mark Masons is running a Herts Mark 200 Club. This is an excellent way of fund raising across the Province. With 200 Lodge members subscribing £5 per month, the ‘take’ each month would be £1,000 which would allow £500 to be paid out in prizes.

How it works

  1. The Mark 200 Club Lottery exists to raise funds for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire Benevolent Fund.
  2. Members of Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges and their wives or partners are each permitted to purchase up to two entries per month at £5 each.
  3. Responsibility for administering the Mark 200 Club rests with the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and the Provincial Assistant Grand Charity Steward.

    Their respective contact details are as follows:
    David Horne: Email david.horne0359@gmail.com Mob: 07891 457655.
    Dennis Brown: Email watfordian@ntlworld.com Mob: 07923 555194
  4. A Standing Order form for participation in the monthly draw has been compiled and is available on the Herts Mark website: www.hertsmark.org or alternatively from either of the organisers. This should be completed and returned to either of the above. They will record receipt of the form, allocate any number(s) take a copy and inform the applicant of the allotted number(s) to enable them to arrange the Standing Order with their own bank. Some people prefer to pay a yearly subscription of £60 in advance, which is acceptable, but a Standing Order for payment on the 15th of each month is the preferred option.
  5. Each month the organisers are responsible for checking the lottery bank account to make sure that all subscriptions have been paid. They then total the amount of income for the month. 50% of the total raised is allocated to the Herts Provincial Mark Benevolent Fund and the remaining 50% distributed as prize money, currently 6 separate prizes of various amounts.
  6. There is no fixed date for the monthly draw to be drawn but normally it takes place during the last week of the month. It is often held on the fourth Thursday of the month, at a meeting of the PGM’s LOI at the Watford Masonic Centre. However flexibility over the date was introduced in October 2021 when it was agreed that the monthly draw could take place on an ad-hoc basis at a regular Mark or R.A.M. meeting, in different parts of the Province, under the supervision of the Provincial Grand Charity Steward or the Provincial Assistant Grand Charity Steward. 
  7. The Provincial Assistant Grand Charity Steward will be responsible for preparing a notice for circulation by email to all participants in the monthly draw and for payment by BACS to the lucky winners. The results will also be published via a Mailchimp circulation to all subscribing members of the Mark and R.A.M. degrees.
  8. At the end of each financial year, the Assistant Provincial Grand Charity Steward is responsible for reconciling the bank account, confirming to the Provincial Grand Charity Steward the amount to be paid and ensuring that the appropriate amount is paid into the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire Benevolent Fund.

W Bro David Horne, P.G.Std.B.
Provincial Grand Charity Steward
10th August 2022

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