Free Tie!

Have you noticed that every Mark Mason and Royal Ark  Mariner in Hertfordshire wears an attractive tie with a special emblem  appropriate to the degree? Would you like to own one of these  magnificent ties?

They are available free-of-charge from most members  of the Provincial Executive! All they ask in return is that you make a  voluntary donation of not less than fifteen pounds towards the Provincial  Mark Benevolent Fund.

a_Tie_Emblem a_ram_tie_small

Regular Payment Promise

If you are a taxpayer and want to make regular  donations to The Hertfordshire Provincial Mark Benevolent fund, then you should have completed a “Regular Payment Promise” form. This will  enable the Province to reclaim tax you paid on your donations. If you  have not completed one of these forms, then you can download one here. Please complete the form and return both parts to the Provincial Grand  Treasurer, either direct or via your Lodge Charity Steward. You will  need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to open the file. Download it by clicking  the icon in the sidebar.

New Benevolent Fund Relief Chest Number

We have been allocated a new Relief Chest number for the Hertfordshire Provincial Mark Benevolent Fund.  The number which you should use on all Regular Payment Promise forms and other donations (including when you complete your Gift Aid Envelope at the Annual Meeting!) is MMM2061.